iTrack provides the most advanced tuktuk tracking in Kenya at affordable rates. With more opportunities coming up for tuktuk from distribution, parcel movement and public transport, the tuktuk business is now booming.

You can make it more productive by having it installed with the best tuktuk tracker in Kenya from iTrack tracking. With our tuktuk tracking device, you are able to monitor all your tuktuks from a single screen on your phone or computer.

iTrack tracking platform ensures you get all the details that you need to make your Tuktuk business more productive, especially when you are away. Some of the basic details that will always be at your fingertips include; real-time tracing, daily mileage details, current location and the trips made.

iTrack Tuktuk Tracking Basic Package Features

  1. Track your tuktuk via SMS, app on your phone or web platform.
  2. Username and password to access iTrack tuktuk tracking platform.
  3. Monitor and track all your tuktuks from in one screen.
  4. Real time Tuktuk tracking.
  5. History route playback tracking: Tuktuk route and trip history playback for the past 90 days.
  6. Know the exact location of your tuktuk all the time.
  7. Continuous monitor your tuktuk as it moves from point A to B: Know speed, direction and engine status.
  8. Create geofence- get alerts when tuktuk enters or leaves the geofenced zone
  9. Set Speed limit and get speeding alert.
  10. Mileage reports: Get daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  11. Trip reports and parking details.
  12. Speed reports.
  13. Street view and satellite view.
  14. Traffic monitoring feature.
  15. Low battery alert.
  16. External Power disconnection alert.
  17. The smallest tuktuk tracker is no available in Nairobi, and allover Kenya.

iTrack Tuktuk Tracking Advanced Package Features

The advanced Tuktuk tracker has all the features of the basic Tuktuk tracking with the following additional features;

  1. Engine Ignition detection feature
  2. Stop engine and restore engine remotely: Switch off the motorcycle from your phone.