iTrack advanced motorbike tracker and motorbike tracking system in Kenya is very advanced and affordable. It has all features that you need to manage and monitor your motorcycles and riders. It is definitely what you need to manage all your riders from one screen on your phone or computer.

You need a motorbike tracker to improve the productivity of your transportation, distribution, and logistics business. Our motorcycle tracking platform will help you;

  • Monitor all your motorbikes or riders all the time.
  • Track them in real-time.
  • Determine daily mileage
  • Know the number of trips made.

iTrack Motorcycle Tracking Basic Package Features

  1. Motorbike tracking via SMS, app on your phone or web platform.
  2. Track and monitor all your motorbikes on one screen.
  3. Username and password to access the iTrack motorcycle tracking platform.
  4. Real-time motorbike tracking.
  5. History route playback tracking for your motorbike. Access route and trip history playback for the past 90 days.
  6. Know the exact location of your motorbike all the time.
  7. Monitor your motorbike continuously as it moves from point A to B. You know the speed and direction.
  8. Create geofence zones for your motorbike. You get alerts when your bike enters or leaves the geofenced zone.
  9. Set speed limit and get speeding alerts
  10. Mileage reports: Get daily, weekly, and monthly mileage reports.
  11. Trip reports.
  12. Speed reports
  13. Street view and satellite view
  14. Traffic monitoring feature
  15. Low battery alert
  16. External Power disconnection alert
  17. The smallest motorcycle tracker is now available in Nairobi, and all over Kenya.

iTrack Motorbike Track Advanced Package Features

This package has all the basic package features above with the following additions;

  1. Engine Ignition detection. It lets you know when the engine is turned on or off.
  2. Motorbike status to let you know if the motorbike is static or moving.
  3. Stop and restore the motorbike engine remotely, which a great antitheft or recovery feature.